Our Research

In the Spitzer Lab, we are passionate about developing better immune-based treatments for cancer and other diseases informed by fundamental scientific discovery.

Our studies focus on understanding how the immune system works and how it fails in certain circumstances. We use systems immunology approaches to understand how the immune system functions. Our studies generally include a mix of experimental and computational biology to tackle these complex questions. We use single-cell approaches to understand how immune cells change their behavior and regulate one another during immune responses. This information helps us to design better therapies, to understand which patients are likely to benefit, and to identify the next new important questions to keep the cycle going. Equally important, we take pride in training and enabling the next generation of scientific leaders.

Systemic Immunity and the Cancer Macroenvironment

We are fascinated by where different steps of an immune response take place across the body and how these processes are coordinated across locations.

Temporal Dynamics of Immune Responses

An overarching goal of ours is to understand how immune responses unfold over time and the factors that regulate these trajectories.

Support the Spitzer Lab

Our research would not be possible without generous support from a combination of grants and philanthropic gifts. If you are excited about the work we are doing and are interested in contributing, please get in touch.

Spitzer Lab Team

Our People

The Spitzer Lab is a group of scientists passionate about improving lives through harnessing the immune system. We take pride in our constantly collaborative approach to science, in our inclusive lab culture, and in celebrating our diversity.